OBOROTEN was founded on August 27, 2013 with the premise of raiding in the new 5.4 patch. We will have a 25 man core raiding team and hopefully we will Progress through SoO and later patches. We have all intentions of moving forward into a 25 man raid team and the raid team will be all about progression, all raiders will be expected to be on time, if you can't be there and don't tell someone you will be asked to sit. Also if we obtain enough members and raiders we will consider possibly a 10 man or another 25 man team, but this will not be until a 25 man core team is up and running with Progression.  All members of OBOROTEN will be adults and saying this they will be expected to act so according. If anyone is disrespectful of any AGM, Officer , etc., they will be asked to leave the Guild, also I will not allow a AGM, Officer, etc to disrespect any member. 

This also will be a social Guild were if you want to hang out with your friends, you can period. WOW is a game and should be treated as such. We will not tolerate any LEWD language on Vent, there is really no basis for it, you can really get your point across without dropping the F Bomb every other word. Also we will not tolerate spamming the trade chat either, if you DISRESPECT this Guild in any manner you will be removed with all your Alts.

This all being said, have fun, invite your friends and hopefully we will all progress together.
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3rd Heroic Boss down in 25 Man

by Madohotnik, 5 days ago

Congratulations to all involved in the downing of Galakras. It took a lot of work for you all, the Raid Leaders did a good job and the team members.

If the hard work is kept up a couple more bosses could fall before the new Expansion comes out on Nov. 13, 2014.

We will also be looking for a new Raid Leader to help And assist Pan. Thphoeus will be stepping down as Assistant Raid Leader, he did a great job stepping in for Heelah on a very short notice. In his period we downed numerous bosses so a hearty job well done.

I would also like to add a short notice here, the public note section of the Character page is not for someone to be leaving there opinion on another player. This has happened three times in the past couple weeks and has cost us a couple of good Raiders. Be fair warned if I catch someone doing this I will remove them from the Guild no questions asked.

Okay now to one other thing we are in need of a Resto Shaman to help out the healing rotation, I will also say we have great healers but we do need us a Shaman. I have talked this over with a couple of healers and the Raid Leader. Also at the present time Panpriest will be moving back to his Main which is Pandude. Pan is a great healer, but we have picked up some Healers in the past few weeks who maybe can handle it, if not Pan will go back healing.

I also will be adding more information on a regular basis again to the news page. I hope that people will start taking more advantage of the Web page I have  it for you all.

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